Does it work everywhere?

Yes, on iOS 9 and above and Android 5.0 and above.

How much does it cost?

You can download RiskLite from Google Play or App Store. The cost is only 22NOK.

How do I invite my collaborators to upload the RiskLite app?

You simply invite them by adding their email in the app. They will receive an email telling them what to do.

Can other users of the RiskLite app see my data?

No, only your collaborators can see your data. So, only the ones that you invite.

Is the data backed up?

Yes all the data uploaded/saved is backed up for disaster recovery only. Note that we can’t recover data that you’ve deleted.

Can a collaborator in a risk register delete the whole risk register ?

No, it’s only the person that owns the risk register that can delete it.

Who can delete a risk ?

Only the Risk Owner and the owner of the risk register can delete a risk.

If I haven’t got a signal, can I still use the app?

Offline is not supported at this moment – but if several users request it is will be included in next update. Please send us an email if this is important for you.

If I get a new pad or smartphone, can I still use the app?

Yes, you simply download the purchased app again and login and all your data will be there on your new device.

What do I do if I logout and forget my password?

Click Login and “Forgotten password”.

Can I change my password?

Click Login and “Forgotten password”.

Are there limits to how many riskS and/or actions in a risk register?


Can the RiskLite be tailormade for our company purpose only?

Yes. Please contact RiskLite for further information. It is also possible to have a WEB access options.

Do you provide training in risk management and the use of the app?

Yes. Please contact RiskLite for further information.

Can I access RiskLite by a web solution?

Not yet, but we are considering developing this option. Please contact us if you like such an WEB option to be tailor-made.

What platform is used?

Native iOS and Android C# – Xamarin. Server is based on Azure